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Chewy & Softer Treats for Cats

Chewy & Softer Treats for Cats

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Snacks semi wet cat

In you we offer a range of healthy treats or snacks semi moist cat that work perfectly as a prize or reward for your pet.

They are made with quality ingredients, low in salt and spices that give it a unique flavor. They are also easy to digest, so they become the perfect snack for cats with stomach problems, or teeth.

Here you can choose semi moist cat snacks in different forms: semi cat wet bars , semi moist cat kibble , semi moist cat cubes , pasta for cats , semi moist cat sticks and semi moist cat studs .

With semi snacks cat wet texture you will bring you to your pet healthy nutrients, such as vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fiber as they are produced with high quality ingredients.

Brands of semi moist cat snacks

In we offer you a variety of semi moist cat snacks made by brands and which have optimal consistency to pamper your cat: Catisfactions , Gimcat , Hobbit-Alf , Novopet , Sandimas , The Company Of Animals , Trixie , Vitakraft .

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